Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh, yes, there were fireworks...

We decided to brave the crowds and traffic and partake in the Canada Day festivities. Namely, Moolix Icecream and the fireworks. Tara and Shawn picked the perfect spot in City Park to watch the show from. We had good company and ice cream while we waited HOURS for the show to start. Then Kerry says "The weather couldn't be better". And wouldn't you know it, lightening starts, the wind picks up, the waves! They were 4 feet high and we finally moved 30 feet away from the lake and still got sprayed from the waves. We braved the weather for about an hour, me being very VERY optimistic, or stubborn (we drove all this way, put up with parking, foul mouthed drunk teens, and saw sights that can't be unseen and for a cancelled show...No way). So we stayed put, Tara and Shawn left, but then Shawn returned and said "She fell in a hole." And sure enough, Tara was in a hole. Fast forward to today, she broke 3 bones in her foot, the 2nd nice week of summer.

So we decided to call it a night, and as we were driving up the highway, we heard them announce the start of the fireworks on the radio so we turned around and pulled over on the side of the road and watched them. The Dolphins were in the way, but at least we got to see some of the show.

I have to say, we could have had a rotten time, we could have really dwelled on the traffic, the heat, the foul mouthed whippersnappers, the pot smokers, the thong wearing woman in front of us, the wind, the lateness of the fireworks, etc. but we didn't and we had a good time. Not as good as Tara and Shawn but still good.

Today, I picked up gimpy and we came back to our place and sat around the pool with Jaynee while Emily and Eli played in the pool. We chatted, drank iced coffee drinks, and overheated. We didn't do dishes, vaccuum, dust, or pick up poop. No one cried. It was all good.

I picked this up for Hop-a-long and myself. I love it, very fresh, very crafty! Makes me want to make my own font. Unfortunately for me, I have very messy handwriting!


RAE said...

Your poor friend. I broke a bone in my foot before and it 3 bones must realllly hurt!

Kimberly said...

Oh much going on in one day. Those darn teens can really be inconsiderate huh?
Sorry for your friend too...OUCHIE! xoxo