Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I LOVE spaghetti squash, so I try to plant as many plants as I think I can keep alive. This year I did zucchini too. I was told that I had 3 spag. squash plants and 2 zukes, which is what I wanted. I planted a little spag. squash section, and then planted my zukes a short distance away. I know all about cross pollination, we had squumpkins a few years ago. The largest, orange spaghetti squash around, extremely hard skin, but super tasty.

Anyway, long story shorter, one spag. squash plant was actually a zucchini and with the cross pollination we have squashini. A slightly yellowish, mottled skinned spag. squash, and it's super easy to cut because it has zucchini like skin, but spaghetti squash like innards, except the seeds are zucchini like.

I plan on eating the whole thing by myself, for lunch. I have already cooked it, added some Becel, sea salt, pepper, and roasted garlic.

I sure hope my plant produces more than 2 squashinis.

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RAE said...

I love spaghetti squash and zucchini so a hybrid would be interesting to try. I'm going to start eating a lot more veggies b/c I gained another couple of lbs on holidays...ugh