Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scenes from the Creek

Every once in awhile, I think about how lucky we are to live where we do. We are minutes from everything, the big lake, ski hill, many little lakes, the trestles, mountains, and creeks. We don't ski, but Kerry does mountain bike on the ski hill, and I don't enjoy the beach, much to Emily and Tara's dismay. I detest sand in my cracks, it chafes, I hate the lake weeks, the dead bodies, etc. But I do like going to the creek, we did it lots as a kid, here in town, and in Rock Creek/Westbridge. We swam, fished, and floated in the creek. I love the sound of the water rushing by, it blocks out the sound of everything else. I love the fact the water is moving, so if a dog pees in it, the current has moved the pee water along in milliseconds and I don't have to worry about swimming in it.

All the following pictures were taken with my 50 mm. f 1.8 lens at 400 or 800 ISO. Almost all have the PW actions Boost, Slight Lighten, and Quick Edge Burn. Love them.

Emily's new bathing suit. She's convinced we can wear the same sized clothing, bless her heart!
That's our Flying Dutch Girl, Sally, running through the water, love those ears.
Kerry's water shoes, NOT. He doesn't have white socks on, that's just his crazy farmer's tan. He decided to wear shoes and socks to the creek and then declared that he would wear his most beautiful LEATHER shoes into the creek, minus the socks. He says he planned it that way. I plan not to buy him new shoes when he discovers these ones are toast.
Looking for Linus's contact lens.
I wish everyone was looking at me, but why would they? They never do. Anyway, see that fallen tree behind Kerry's head, it goes across from the island to the bank. Emily decided to try and climb across it, or slide across on her bum, notice the branches, anyways, she didn't make it very far before we heard the squeak of her falling over the sound of rushing water. It's not a good thing that she fell on the rocks but I did notice that the water under the tree is significantly deeper than the rest of the creek, because I saw Linus actually dog paddling in it. If she had fallen in there, she probably wouldn't have gotten all scraped up, but we probably would have lost her to the current and found her in the lake.

Sally is making me a jaccuzzi foot soak. Such a thoughtful girl! This is especially nice because I had just finished whacking my foot on the rocks to dislodge the bug on my toe.
Linus after the swimming, with grass on his nose, like always. Such a handsome boy, even if he is wet and smelly.
Linus, after the after swimming pose, but before being allowed in the house, with grass on his nose again, it's a different piece. Kerry is drying the baby off, with my good towels.
It's my Mom's birthday today. Me and Emily are taking her for lunch before she heads off to work. I think everyone should get the day off on their birthday.
Still no word on the postponed Anime Evolution Convention, I think we should still go on our trip, Kerry says maybe not. Maybe would should do some stuff around here, which would bring us back to the top of this post...


RAE said...

OMG...I'm lovin these shots! Linus wrapped in the towel is just awesome!

Dawn said...

Oh, Linus... so sweet in his towel!
Also, love the edge burn... have been trying to figure out how to do that... I don't have PS...

Great shots!