Monday, July 14, 2008

I've only got a minute

I am the kitchen minion to a small private tea party today. Emily and Eli decided to have a tea party this afternoon. I had to pick up a few groceries so that they could have some decent tea party food. I know I could have tossed them some carrots and some freezies and locked the door but they were so cute making their plans that I had to try and make it better than that.
Jaynee and Eli made brownies and I, without any helper, made cupcakes, and finger sandwiches and poured a bowl of cornchips and cut some pickles. They have iced tea in the tea pot and frozen yogurt tubes for later. They are sitting out on the patio furniture, dogs are not allowed out either, which makes Linus cry.
This means I get the toss offs for lunch. I had Lipton's French onion soup with the crusts from the finger sandwiches and the broken mini cupcakes. At least I got my can of diet Coke. I think my shift finishes soon and then I can enjoy my CK that came today.
I feel like a house elf. (I just finished re-reading Harry Potter again, what do you expect?)

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