Sunday, July 06, 2008


Fear Itself was particularly gruesome and disturbing on Thursday, but for some reason Shaun and I still watched it. It was terrible, think Voodoo Zombies Eating Humans Terrible. We think it was directed by the same people that did Saw 2 or something like that, as each episode is directed by a different person, and stars different people, which is good because every episode we have watched has ended with the important actors dying.
It was like a train wreck, we couldn't stop watching. We wanted to know how it ended. I spent lots of time with a blanket pulled up to my eyes. Maybe next week will be better....(see I'm hooked, scared, but still going back for more)

My question is ...
Why do we watch these things? Why not change the channel? Surely Seinfeld was on, it's always on. Or maybe something more cheerful, like Carebears? The people that make these shows know how freaky they are, they know that we can't change the channel because we want to see the good guys win, even if it means they die in the end. They have us hooked. They are soooo smart....We have fallen prey to this once or twice before, a certain Nicholas Cage movie was so very disturbing, I can't even tell you it's name, because it was THE worst movie ever not because of the acting, but because of the content and yet, we watched it to the end, which is how the money is made! Same with The Ring...don't go there.


RAE said...

I didn't even know this was on. How many episodes have already aired that I missed?

Dawn said...

i'd seen two previous episodes, love them... and then this!!!

I love a good psycho thriller... but the whole gore and darkness of this one was.... YUCK.

And I too, watched to the end.

You're right.
They've got us right where they want us... believing they are clever enough to pull an actual story out of the blood & guts.
No such luck this week.

Kimberly said...

LOL...I can so relate...I couldn't sleep the other night so I watched TV all by myself...and wound up turning on Grunge2...scariest movie EVAH! I had to watch 2 episodes fo Friends before I could go to sleep! Bwahahaha!
What Nicolas Cage movie are you talking about? I love all his movies...I must have missed his scary one! LOL