Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Backing Up!

And I don't mean going in reverse.
I, Kelli W, have never really backed up my computer. Oh, I started backing up my photos, but after 2 dvd's worth, either the computer froze or I got bored.
We have been having some issues with the computer, something is always saying it's encountered a problem and needs to shut down. If I shut down every time I encountered a problem, I'd never get anything done. Anyway, our computer guy says it's Windows and we need to back everything up and re-install Windows. No problem...the thought of this scares me to death. He says use DVD's, they hold more, like 4 mbs each. Then he asks what the size of my PHOTO folder is. I tell him 14.4 mbs, he is very quiet, then he says "That's a lot of pictures." Which means at least 3 disks for photos, plus the ones for over 800 fonts, 100's of songs, many documents, favourites, email address, etc. Hours of my precious time that I will never get back His recommendation is to get an external hard drive and save everything to it instead of to disk. I can do that! It's fast, it's easy, I just have to figure out what needs to be saved.
And then our computer should run like new again.
I can't wait.


Rarinstamp said...

They told us the same thing after we got the nasty 2008/09 Security virus - it destroyed my hard drive. We were without a computer for 10 days while they tried to save everything. Now we are getting one of those external things too

Sabine said...

Definitely get the external hard drive - it's so easy and safes all that is important :)