Monday, July 21, 2008

Ready for the weekend and it's only Monday...

We are trying to make a conscious effort to get the dogs out and about, for their health and ours. We took them to the end of a paved road and then up a dirt road and then we walked and walked a good 45 minutes into the forest, all the while I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I've come to the conclusion that they like my Victoria's Secrets Love Spell smell. I have never gotten bitten like I have this year. I react immediately with a large white welt where the stinker bit me, and it stings when he's sucking my life blood.

I got some decent shots of the dogs, and Kerry and he got some terrible shots of me. I know for a fact that it's not the camera.

We've been watching a fair amount of educational tv lately, not because we want to become educated, but because nothing brainless is on. So we watch what I think might be a 20/20 spin off, not sure because I never pay attention to the title. Last week it was The Outsiders and it was about a guy that lives amongst the bears, not like that guy that got himself and his girlfriend eaten by bears, this guy is totally different, anyways we learned(the whole idea behind watching these things is to learn something)that bears climb trees, black bears and grizzly bears and that it's a myth if someone tells you that a certain type of bears can't climb trees. Soooo...that brings us to this the bottom of the tree there was a large rock, the tree had about 8 feet of branches cut off to make a 'ladder', even some branches nailed on in a few spots, and it had this 'sign' attached to it. So my brain tells me that if there are any bears, and they can climb trees, this tree with the sign must be like the Block Parent Tree, you grab the rock, use the 'branch ladder' and climb fast. If the bear follows you, you drop the rock on the bear. This is Kerry showing you how it's done.

Dogs, drinking water, from Kerry's pack. After the walk Linus tried to crawl into his ice cream bucket of water, he was that hot. Poor thing, we laughed so hard as he tried to figure out how to get his big self in that bucket.

A squirrel/chipmunk, can't tell. His eyes are red from the flash, I hope, and not rabies.
And this week the show we watched was about kids with Tourette's Syndrome. It was very interesting. It's one thing to actually have Tourette's, this show opened our eyes to how the families deal with it. I found that the evil mosquitoes made me flail my arms and legs uncontrollably while avoiding the blood letting. This was for 1 1/2 hours, I couldn't imagine having to live like that. This is me, killing mosquitoes, looking kind of chunky.

A couple of tired and hot dogs. My friend, Karen is taking a Gel Nails course. She needed some models to practice on and I thought "what the heck? I'll do it." So today was the day, after work she did them for me.
Emily draws almost all day. She learns from tutorials on-line and from reading anime. She has books and books full of drawings like these. She's also taught herself how to draw using her Bamboo tablet and PS7, and now PSE5. We don't know what to do with her. All photos are SOOC and taken with my 50mm lens.


Anna Zalamea said...

hehe..those mosquitoes really suck (pun intended). Lately, they follow me everywhere even in my workplace in downtown Vancouver. what the ?? I Love the dogs taking a drink photos! And that drawing of Emily is amazing! She definitely has talent!

RAE said...

Wow...E's drawing is amazing! I'm enjoying catching up on your photos while I'm home for a day. We're off again tomorrow morning for another 10 days.