Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweatshop beginings and other good things

It's taken us awhile, but Emily and I finally finished making her a monster. We had a hard time, Mr. Mochi, the first draft, barely survived his brush with the dingo. He is managing with one arm and is in need of a bath. We decided to start from the beginning with Funkmaster Jingles Twotoothe. Funkmaster because "He looks like a gangster with his sleeveless shirt and toque", Jingles because he has a bell in his innards, and Twotoothe for his 2 teeth.
She did a great job sewing up the top of his head and can cut straighter than I can, tomorrow I have some buttons that need to be attached to some pants and some pj's that need hemming. This teaching her to sew will pay off in spades!

This is it...The last of the cherries. I don't know if it was the fact that this was the end, or if they really were riper, but this last bucket was by far the tastiest. It is even better with the crumb topping and ice cream. This was lunch.
And while Emily slaved away with the needle and scissors, I made 3 little Web Info books. It's hard to see in the picture, what with my fave. lens set at f2.5, but each page has room to record the website, the password and any other pertinent info you might want to record. One for me, one for Emily and one for my Mom. Thanks to Sue for sharing the template. Thanks to Chatterbox for putting out new paper!


Marina G said...

Is the template available online? I could really use a book like that.

Rarinstamp said...

you're welcome Kelly. I use mine all the time:)