Monday, September 29, 2008

An end of day ranting post...

I sent all my scrapbooking stuff home with Marg so I wouldn't have to drag 45 lbs. of stuff behind me on the ferry. It was a great idea and saved me from a trip to the chiropractor, but...she's not coming home until tomorrow. I have so much creativity coursing through my veins right now and it's very hard to make anything when I don't have my scissors. I can't use any of my class scissors because their all righties! Oh, woe is me. I have managed to die cut, adhere and paint some stuff and it helps, but just a little bit.

Here's me and Donna.
I look stunned.

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RAE said...

ha don't look stunned! All that creative genius emanatng from her must radiated over to you though right??? I'm dying to see photos of what you did! Wait til you see the hybrid mini book class I did (started not completed yet).