Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hot Dog!

He's pretty happy with himself, he can fit in the pool and because I forgot to turn the hose off, he's made it an infinity pool. He does this, then he jumps out and runs around like a rabid dog and then jumps back in. The pool is filthy.

She is not impressed.

These need to be picked today.


RAE said...

Could you imagine Linus & Sandy together in a pool LOL

Lisa T. Howard said...

Love the pics. And I just had to tell you how awesome a job you did with last weeks photography assignment! You blew it out of the park! I am still working my way through. I had absolutely NO ONE to work with this week. In fact, everyone became a hinderance. The holiday/mini vacation through a kink in things. I WILL catch up! I WILL!!!!

Shannon Wyman said...

I love that pic of Linus in the pool, hee hee.. too cute!

Patti said...

Love your boy in the pool!