Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

We're playing it loose today. We haven't made any plans, although Kerry did say he wanted to see the fireworks and I told him I'd show him some! Just kidding, we might venture out to see them tonight, we might not. Maybe we'll have a special Canada Day dinner. And we'll probably use a few of these. Costco had all three, we love them and they go perfectly with our Margaritaville blender.

In other news, the Photographers' Workshop is hard. Karen actually wants us to do work, lots of it. It's Week 1 and our assignment is daunting and I'm sure as the weeks go by it won't be the only one! But I'm going to do it, and try not to get behind. I might have mentioned that I have put all the lessons on my ipod, I have been listening to them at least 3 times each so that they sink in. I'm not sure if it's working. I'm pretty sure I have already learned more in the last week and a half than I learned in the weeks of classes at the Rec. Center.

We took Linus up to my Grandpa's the other night. He hasn't seen Taya in ages, she's my aunt's golden retriever. They are the same kind of dog, but they look so different.

Linus had a stick, maybe 3 inches long and Taya grabbed the end of it. He's not use to having other dogs in his face. Sally would never do this and if he did it to her, he'd lose his nose. So he was pretty still while Taya tried to steal the stick, she did get it in the end but he held on for quite awhile.

It took him a long time, but Linus finally got comfortable enough to play with Taya. He was pretty tired afterwards, it was great. I got eaten by mosquitoes.


RAE said...

Love those photos, especially the close-up!

Lacintha said... drinking twin! We bought the very same mixes at our Costco, although the kids have me making virgin slushies with the pics of the doggies.
Have a fabulous summer Kell :)