Sunday, July 12, 2009

Consultation Day

Today's the day we go for our consultation with the tattoo artist. In asking around everyone said to go here. The one guy is so popular, he's booked up till March 2010. We aren't waiting that long. The shop is in Vernon, so while we are there we are going to New Delhi for dinner. Tara and I went for lunch this week and it was probably some of the best East Indian food I've had.

I'm learning stuff in photography class, not that I didn't think I would, but it's pretty technical and my brain is working over-time. But I have taken my camera off auto-focus, and have taken some photos in shutter priority mode. Karen said we'd take worse pictures before we took better ones, and she's right. She's so smart.

Last night was the BEST UFC fight night ever. Not only was it a great line-up, but it was also a first...Potluck Fight Night! There had to be at least 15 people there, so it was a bit warm in the house, but there was a great assortment of food. I made sushi that went over very well, I've been asked to do take-out now. Not doing it. GSP is so nice to watch, he's so relaxed, and he has the bluest eyes, he fought and won. Lesnar did the job, that guy is huge, but got boo'd and then fingered the crowd , it was good to see Mir's face get smooshed. And the ugliest knock out was when Henderson knocked Bisping out cold and didn't realize it and then hit him again while he was on the ground, I was sure the guy was dead. It took him quite awhile to come around. So all in all, it was probably the first time where all the guys I was rooting for won. Not so for my dad, he owes quite a few people Tim Horton's coffee.


RAE said...

So, what kind of tat and where will you put it? Very cool that Emily has designed them.

Rarinstamp said...

How did the consultation go? Would love to see the tattoo?