Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Might be working

I might be getting better at photography.
This week is my favourite photography subject...aperature! I love it. Not so much a fan of focusing on moving objects, but I'd like to improve on that.

Kerry and Linus were alm willing subjects this evening. Love the last one!Sally thought Kerry looked like he was having more fun in the garden than we were taking photos. Sally thought the people flying over in the plane were having more fun than we were taking photos.
So I went to the garden and shot some more willing subjects. My sunflower.
My poppies.
My alien life form flowers. Anyone know what they are?
All photos are a little dark, but I did take them at dusk, so I'm okay with that. All are also SOOC. I'm liking the fact that we are focusing on taking better shots that shouldn't need post processing.


RAE said...

Great shots! Your flower shots are pretty. I don't know what the white ones but they are pretty.

Shannon Wyman said...

Oh I love your shots girl!

scrapnstamphappy said...

I'm blog hopping again over from Karen's class. I couldn't help but comment since I actually know the name of those flowers! Woo hoo! They are called Love-in-the-Mist (Nigella is the scientific name).

Google the name and you'll get all kinds of info and pictures. Hope you're calf is feeling better! :-)

scrapnstamphappy said...

Oh darn, I have a grammatical error on my post above that I must fix. I was going to say I hope you're feeling better (which I do hope...) but changed it so you knew I was referring to your TATTOO on your calf and should've changed it to "your calf". Okay, I feel better now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your flower photos! The sunflower is beautiful and the poppy is stunning.