Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Really really sad. I got a sliver, in my right middle finger. Right on the end. Straight into the flesh. I got it out last night, most of it, and so it doesn't hurt like it did yesterday. But it's made it very hard to type and very hard to take pictures, but not so hard to flip people the bird. Too bad I haven't left the house in a few days. I might venture out today in the 35+ (that's 95 for you Americans).

I called Genesis about my tattoo. Kerry has lost almost all his scabs, it's quite gross, but he's healing very well after getting off to a rocky, red, inflamed start. I haven't lost one scab, my tattoo looks like I've been embossed with black embossing powder. It's not dry, I mosturized enough. So I called to confirm my thoughts, I can't go swimming until the scabs fall off. Which means I'll be the one at the reunion this weekend sitting in the shade taking a zillion pictures and melting, because fat melts in the heat. Oh, well, maybe it will melt off of me, maybe I'll dress to warmly and it will be like a Native sweat lodge. Hopefully, the scabs are gone by the time we take the kids to the waterslides. That would be a truely sad trip if I couldn't go.

We, me and Kerry, are making plans to go to this. He loves Subaru rally stuff, I am just forced to watch it. So he asks if I want to go because it will be a good time to practice my photography skills. That guy knows what to say, he's so romantic.

My birthday is coming, about 10 days away, so we were making plans. My parents are going out of town and won't be here for my birthday. And Saturday, Aug. 8, is fight night, so I thought I'd do cupcakes for fight night, but then last night just before I fell asleep I realized that the fight co-ordinator, Dad, will be out of town. birthday fight night at Dad's. So maybe for my birthday we will get a honkin' huge flat screen tv and do our potluck fight night at our house this month. And maybe monkies will fly out my butt.


Anonymous said...

I really hope Monkeys dont fly out your butt, that sounds painful! And how can your tattoo still be scabbed? Are you sure it just doesnt look embossed but not have a scab? Strange!! I am going to show David that link for Merritt. I know he would already kill to go, but the way his work has been on again off again since I moved here, and with me still not finding a job, Im sure the chances are super slim that we will go. But someday. My Dad lives in Washington, about 2 hours from Vancouver, so we have no excuse to not come up sometime!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

You totally crack me up! ROFL!!!

Veronica said...

I also hope that fat melts away in the heat. I am carrying enough around and with this heat wave I should be loosing...melts say...60 pounds of the stuff!! Have a great reunion and birthday if I don't get a chance to keep in contact becauase I have melted away!

Flores Hayes said...

happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
she is just thrilled with it!
Flor (

Shannon Wyman said...

I've gotten a laugh out both you and Amy on this one, lolol! I hope monkeys don't fly out of your butt either girl ;)

Kimberly said...

Hey Chica, I am an August baby, too!