Thursday, July 16, 2009

3rd one today, but it's momentous

I found some things in my garden today! The beets I knew were there, I was saving them until they got bigger, when you only have 8 beets, you want them as big as possible. I was surprised to find the big spaghetti squash in the middle of the plant, all the rest are about 4 inches long and this one will make a great side for dinner tonight.
The peas were a complete surprise. I only have 5 plants, after planting 3 times, and so when I saw them I got excited and left the garden gate open and so Sally followed me in and ate the peas. But I managed to side-track her partner in crime, before he demolished the garden. And I bribed him to sit for a few photos. He's counting...1, 2, 3 beets, one for me, one for Sally, one for mom. Then he tried to eat a pea, but I pried it out of his mouth so I could get a few more shots.
He's so patient when it comes to food.

But here he's barking at sessions over, feed me veggies.


Anonymous said...

Yay for veggies! Silly puppies!

RAE said...

Sandy too is so patient with food. She will sit so nicely, waiting for the okay to grab soemthing. The only thing is... (yuck...gross)... she drools while she waits so we limit the waiting time, or at least I do but D thinks its funny and is not at all disturbed by the pile of drool on the floor so makes her wait longer times LOL