Friday, July 24, 2009

Slow Down

I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. July wasn't too busy, but August is crazy busy for us. Family reunion, weddings, birthdays, back to school shopping, relatives coming...I better get rested up now.

Photography class has a week intermission starting Monday, which is great, I am totally caught up on the lessons, but have the last assignment to finish and I want to go over the last 5 weeks again. K. and I had a conversation about it yesterday and I mentioned something about keeping up and he said I had better be or it's the last on-line class I'm ever taking. And he snickered, he was just trying on the mean guy pants. But it's true, I have spent a lot of money on it, and it's an intense class, I'm learning so much about my camera, and I want to stay caught up. So I'm being diligent, I'm taking the quiet time to read and listen to my lessons, and play with my camera, but I seriously need more willing subjects to shoot. What I love most about the class besides the obvious fact I'm learning about my camera, is the camaraderie between the students and Karen, and the fact that Kerry tells everyone that I'm taking the class and that even though my pictures were good before, I have shown so much improvement. I think he's just happy I have learned what all of the buttons on the camera do.

I'm also working on Aug.'s Art Freckles kit, which is a lovely kit, but I'm needing to find older photos to work with it.

The fire has put a damper on everyone's moods, not many people out enjoying the great outdoors right now. I'm taking the girls shopping for their anime costumes, even though the convention is almost a year away. I heard them say "it's better to start early" and I almost drove off the road. This is what I said to them last year and it didn't get me anywhere, except sewing a costume days before we left for the convention.


RAE said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot out of your class and enjoying it.

Lisa T. Howard said...

You are TOTALLY rockin' this photography class! I'm sooooo proud of you! Try to enjoy the chaos that August is going to bring. I did say "try"! :)

domesticchaos said...

You have me intrigued about this photography class. I'm putting myself on the waiting list for January. Still not sure how much time I'll have to commit, but can decide that if a spot opens up.