Friday, July 10, 2009

The pits!

It's cherry time at our house. We've picked about 30 buckets so far, and there are still cherries on the tree. I'm pitting, freezing and drying most of them. Last week I loved cherries, this week I hate them. I'm worried we will run out of freezer room before we are done.

Kerry and I decided to get a tattoo. Emily drew one up for us and we are going to Vernon for our consultation on Sunday.

Saturday night is pot luck fight night. Should be fun and interesting!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Have fun! I spent some time loving on my camera last night. Trying to make really good friends with it. I hope to work on alot of the assignments this weekend. I'm feeling sooooo behind. I go out of town again this next week so it is only going to get worse. After that, I'm home for a while. Maybe, just maybe I can catch up!

Amy said...

I was going to ask why you would be fighting over the potluck and then I remembered its UFC night! Can't wait to see the tattoo!

Veronica said...

you crazy girl!!!

Chrispea said...

Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi". And, OMgosh, I just love the doggie layout EMBELLISHED... that is too cute!! Good luck w/the tat... you are much braver than I!!