Monday, July 13, 2009

A Date

Kerry turned 40 this year, poor guy, and as a way to mark this momentous milestone, we commisioned Emily to draw us a tattoo of her, Shaun and the dogs. Yesterday, Kerry and I had our consultation and made the appointment for next Sunday to get our tattoos. We made the afternoon a bit of a date. Just past this place was this place....
We have decided it's the BEST East Indian food within an hour of us. It's called New Delhi incase you can't read the sign.
The basket contains the usual regular naan, on the left and our brand new favourite paneer kulcha, naan filled with Indian cottage cheese and spices. Butter chicken, the focus is totally on the handle of the bowl, oops, still super tasty. When asked how spicy we wanted it, we said medium. I was sweating by the time I was finished.Saffron rice, I figured if I'm paying almost $5 for a plate of rice, it's gonna have saffron in it. We were the first people at the restaurant, right at 4 pm when they opened. We got our food fast and it was so hot! We ate it in less than half an hour, all of it, and were both sweating from the heat of the food. The owner came to check on us and even commented on how fast we ate.
We did have somewhere to be, but didn't really plan on scarfing down our meal so fast.
Because we got the the restaurant a few minutes early we took a walk. I think it was about 40 degrees in Vernon. We stuck to the shady side of the road when we could. Vernon has all these neat murals, and very little graffiti.

Next Sunday I will get a picture of the tattoo shop, don't know why I didn't this time. Maybe we will eat at New Delhi again!


Amy said...

I have never tried Indian food, Im kinda scared!! Maybe someday!Great pics!

RAE said...

Can't wait to see your tat! I was going to get one on my ankle a few yrs ago and chickened out LOL