Monday, July 27, 2009

For the Future

Our 15th anniversary is coming May. But it's a bigger one so I've been leaving hints. At first I thought I needed a new ring, because that's what everyone gets, or a trip somewhere. But then I've also been leaving hints about a new lens. This one I don't NEED, I just WANT. Big difference, with the 2 I have, I should be just fine, but I want to take better pictures of Kerry mountain biking, and there's less light in the forest, so I want a different lens. A $600 lens. So we were discussing it and Kerry says "Do you really want a piece of jewellery, because that's not the type of person you are?" and I was thinking "What? I'm getting scammed out of an anniversary gift!" Then he says "Wouldn't you rather have a lens?" And I'm like "You really do listen!" He's my BFF. He knows me so well.

He felt bad that I had to use Smurfette as a model for my photography lessons because no one else in the house would help, so he volunteered to help. I told him we should have had one more kid!

Here is is, back lit, and not too badly exposed, he's also doing what he spends half his waking hours doing...looking at his tattoo.
Here is is doing what he does with the other half of his waking hours.Then he helped me with these two, no dogs were hurt during this process, maybe embarrassed but not hurt. Good dogs! Sally's not too bad, she's in her rule of thirds pose but Linus is not, he's front and center like he lives life. He's also got his tongue rolled back like he always does. Low aperture makes their noses in focus and their eyes out of focus.And this one...It's much better than a few weeks ago, when I took this one.

He's much closer here but the background is distracting. The first one is a bit darker but it was at dusk so I guess that's okay. And I am laying on the ground for the first one. All photos are SOOC, because we aren't supposed to post edit them for class. I'm hoping to become a better photographer so that I don't have to photoshop them afterwards. But if I did, I'd lighten up the first one of Linus and his stick, but I also learned how to do that while taking the picture, I just didn't have it set up light enough. Live and learn! That's what it's about.

We have a one week intermission during photography class. It will be a great chance to review and get caught up on the one assignment I am behind, I did get half done yesterday. And the review will be good for next weekend, as that's our big family reunion weekend. I better start stretching for the Olympics, and practicing my action shots. I better make a chiropractor's appt. for the Tuesday afterwards. I also better get my rest now, it's a 3 day go go go event. I'm tired just thinking about it. Then it's my birthday weekend. Yay Me! It's also Mardi Gras so we will take in some of that too.

Tattoo update...We've been using Polysporin for Kids because Amanda said to use it, it's been great! I'm so dry my leg sucks it up in minutes, where as Kerry can put it on in the morning and still be dewy in the afternoon. I put it on about 3 times a day. Kerry has scabs falling off, I don't. Not one single piece has come off on mine. It's like a Braille Tattoo. It doesn't hurt anymore and was only itchy on Saturday afternoon, both of us were itchy. Thanks Amy for the slapping technique, works like a charm.

And you know it's going to be a hot day when the A/C comes on before 7:30 am.


Debbie said...

Kelli, I love looking at all your pictures!!! This photography class looks like fun, even though I'm sure its work too :-) Photography is a passion of mine, however I don't have the best camera (yet!) That's coming in September....

Hope you get the lens you want for your anniversary. You do have a BFF in your hubby, he really does listen!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a new lens too, or a trip to Disneyland!! The pictures look great, smurfette has a cute pose, and the dogs are so obedient! My dog is a pain!! About the slapping, just dont ask someone to do it for you, or they might get the wrong idea!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

WOW! You are doing a fantastic job with your pictures! Way to go!!! Good luck getting that lens...of course it sounds like it is already yours! I'm sooooo jealous!!!