Monday, November 02, 2009

Photo Heavy Weekend

Kerry's mom wants a new family picture of us. This is as good as it gets, in life and in photo taking in our family. That's it, it falls apart after this. And I realize that Emily might be taller than I am. Drat!See, told you. And yes, Shaun's pants have soccer balls and basket balls on them. I told him to get dressed, I told him that I'd probably only shoot from the waist up. I also told him it would only take a minute for him to put jeans on, but no, he couldn't do it. All I wanted was for them to stand together, near each other.

But no, I might as well have asked them to hold hands.

That's the best one, Shaun, the tree, and Emily. No wonder I have so many pictures of the dogs!

I sometimes wonder where my kids get the goofy camera behaviour from. And then I look at the pictures I took of my 60 yr. old Dad and Kerry mountain biking and I know exactly where they get it from.

The guys and their bikes. Taken with my new lens. Same shot, zoomed in. Love the colours and the sharpness. That's Kerry on the left. Now he says "I should have taken off my goggles". It makes him look mysterious. Oh, jeez, I just noticed the 2 goofs have the exact same shirt on! Again, proof of where the goofy kids come from.

That's my Dad, did I mention he's 60 years old? My poor mom!

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Anonymous said...

Shauns expression is great on the last one! lol silly pants! I love the mountain biking pics! Nice!
My word verification word is Fluff. Interesting.