Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ack! I love them!

The brown baby bear hat my mom made me. She's on a roll. She's made 7 hats since I locked her away with her needles and yarn. I'm encouraging her to sell them. But not these ones, these are mine! Emily has put her order in for a grey bear hat, I think Mom needs to do a panda or two.


Sue said...

Those are adorable Kelli! So mom knits AND crochets - she is talented:) I think she should sell them too!! They really are cute.

RAE said...

Love it! Tell you mom she is very talented. I can't believe she made so many hats already!

Heather said...

LUV em! I need one...for me! Seriously! She has plenty of time to get many done before Benvoulin!!!!
...aPolar Bear one...with red maple leafs in the ears. They all look awesome!