Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of the week!

Whew...It's been an emotional roller coaster week, but I think we've seen the end. I hope we have. My mom is home, she seems fine, she can't drive for a week and can't work for 3 weeks. She did have to cancel her trip to Hawaii, and that's sad, but better to be safe than sorry.
We've had unusually warm weather for this time of year. Warm as in 9 degrees, no snow, no rain, not good, but what can you do? We might suffer in the summer for not having the moisture now. But not having to shovel or drive in the snow is so nice.
I hadn't been feeling very photographic lately, and Kerry even mentioned it. I did take the dogs out and we played around with the lighting for a bit. I liked this one, even though it wasn't sharp, but I was trying to get a bit of lens flair, and was trying things with the camera tilted. Today, being dry and a bit overcast but not too cold, we decided to hit the car wash with Shaun. Kerry had been before so it was a huge surprise to Shaun and I. We don't get out much. For $8, you get to pre-soak, wash, and rinse in a warm secluded bay. Much better than getting out the bucket of hot soapy water, and the hose of ice cold water and making a mess in front of the house. Who knew?It's not the ideal place to pull the camera out, it's warm, it's poorly lit, it's damp, and it's just ripe with opportunity to spray someone with a high pressure water gun, but I'm trying to be more photo journalistic, I'm trying to push myself to learn the ins and outs of my camera. The photo above is a tad yellowish because along with poor lighting, and dampness, the carwash also has hideous yellow and blue tarps as back drops, the nerve. I don't know if I mentioned that Shaun bought a brand new 2010 Ford Focus before Christmas. I have never even had a brand new car! He's just 20 and bought his own, so damn proud! I need to get him and his little car out for a photo shoot so I can scrapbook it.
I'd also like to thank my friends, the ones that have tried their hardest to take my mind off the last almost 2 weeks, to keep me occupied in the aisles of Walmart at 11 pm, to keep me fed with their baking, the fat free baking, to keep me busy by meeting me for lunch and paying for it, to keep me looking good by making me have a facial, and to the ones that kept my mom in their thoughts and prayers, thank you so very much!


Anonymous said...

How about the ones that educated you about Chinese immigrants?

Anonymous said...

I hope your Mom makes a speedy recovery and that no strange incidences like this ever happen again! Did Shaun get a ford cause Ken Block drives one?

RAE said...

Glad your mom is home and whatever had happened, never happens again. It sucks missing her trip but much more awesome is her being healthy again.