Sunday, February 28, 2010

I should add...

we were in the garage and Sally hates the garage. She hates anything that comes from above and the garage door makes her go nuts. So do the new garbage trucks with their mechanical arm. Hot air balloons, blimps, helium filled balloons, she is afraid of all that stuff.
The shots in the previous post were impromptu ones, and really quite bad, so I photoshopped them, and I think the colour is wonky, and one corner of the sheet is darker than the others. But thank you for your comments. I should have opened the garage door and let the natural light in but I didn't want my neighbour to see us. Really, I didn't want Linus to run across the road to the neighbour's house. He did it once that morning, he doesn't look when he bolts across the road and I worry he'll get hit. He found Rambo's old dog bed at the side of their house, and stood there sniffing it so I was able to grab him and drag him back home. The last time he ran across he ended up in their pond, he didn't smell so good after that.

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