Thursday, February 11, 2010

No news

Mom was in fairly good spirits considering the circumstance until they told her that she got bumped and her angiogram was postponed. The waiting is getting to her. She, and we, want answers. Will it happen again? Why did it happen? Can it be prevented? Is it hereditary? Will they operate? Was it a stroke? A clot? Did her vomiting cause her to bleed? Did the bleeding cause the vomiting and stomach pain? What if she sneezes? We are hoping that today she gets the angiogram, and someone tells us, the family, something. The dr. seems to come in after we leave, the nurses haven't come in while we are there. They requested she bring a cell phone in so that they don't have to answer questions on the phone.
One good thing, my brother was able to come up and see her. She's pretty happy about that.


RAE said...

Glad to hear she seems fine. I hope that whatever the situation was, it has resolved and she'll be okay now. Sending prayers for her health.

Anonymous said...

I am glad she is in good spirits! And that your brother got to visit. I know the waiting is the worst but hopefully today they find out something, and get her on the road to wellness. I gave you an award on my blog, but obviously it is not important right now!