Friday, February 05, 2010

Silly Putty

When I have treats in my pocket and camera around my neck, these two are almost like Silly Putty in my warm little hands. Well, Sally is, Linus is like that cold hard chunk of Putty that just won't soften up no matter how hard you try. Today, I taught the dogs about backdrops and props. Sally is sporting a very large flower clip from Fabricland. She doesn't seem to mind. She's sitting in front of a table covered with Amy Butler fabric.
Linus said he's sit, but he was not posing. He didn't even wash his face this morning.

I made this scalloped heart garland this morning, I was feeling all Valentinesy. Sally is posing on my bed on duvet. I found that scrolly white iron thingy at Home Sense a few years ago.

Linus is doing as little as possible for his treat. "Momma, my head's too heavy!"
All photos are SOOC. The last two are *gasp* with my flash! I am trying to learn to love it and with Rae's tips, I think it's possible.


Anonymous said...

lol I love it~ you are the best pet photographer around!

Sue said...

These are awesome - I love the one with Sally on the bed.

RAE said...

Great photos! As always, your narration makes me laugh LOL