Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1 New Thing A Day

I made a comment to E. that it's good to learn a new thing a day. So everytime that happens, I make sure to point it out. Only problem is that most of the time I can't remember what that thing was the next day, for example, yesterday's new thing. I remember during my class Connie said something and I said I didn't know that, that's my new thing today. But holy alzheimers Batman! I just can't remember and not only that I know I said "I should make a little One New Thing book".

Today's New Thing...
No matter how friendly you feel, don't make eye contact with the patients at Cottonwoods. Don't do it. Or else you might find yourself wheeling an elderly man out for a smoke. Doesn't matter that he doesn't have a smoke, he doesn't tell you this until you get him out in the snow. Then when you ask him where he thinks he's getting one, he might tell you the front desk. So you take him there and no one was really concerned that I might have been a serial killer and just took this guy outside, all they cared about was that he was from a different section and that's where I had to take him to get his smoke. Hello...complete stranger, not there to wheel people around for their cancer causing vices! One nice lady said she would take him after I said I had places to be. I found out from the ladies that I got hoodwinked.
So if you have a grandfather at Cottonwoods, I'm sorry if he didn't get his smoke and if he thought he might be getting lucky today, well, sorry about that too.

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Tara said...

OMG! Your commentary has me ROFL!