Saturday, January 12, 2008

and another thing...

1. When up-loading pictures to the computer, don't have a huge hissy fit because your camera doesn't work. First, check to make sure your cord is plugged into the computer at one end and the camera at the other end. Second, make sure that the ends of the cords that are plugged in are actually on the same cord and not separated ones, like say one for your ipod and one for your camera.

2. My dogs are my shadows, I'm definately the pack leader, too bad it's not when it counts. I don't recall seeing wolf pack leaders on National Geographic getting their bums bitten by the youngest in the pack. Maybe he's trying to help remove some chub.

3. I think I have a built in alarm system. Maybe. I like to think that if anyone broke into the house, they would go straight for what my mom thinks is "about a thousand dollars" in stamps, obviously because it is a large collection meaning it must be valuable in the black market. Anyway, duh, that's where the theives would go. And should they go into my craft room, this is what they would see and they would run scared, but if they didn't run scared, and did enter the room, they would trip over Linus causing under the table Sally to jump up and freak out and run barking from the room. Which would then cause dopey Linus to start barking and running around also, but he wouldn't know why he was doing it. This would either wake us up or make the theives laugh so hard they would forget to rob us.
Must lay in the center of the room so that mom trips on use every time she comes around the corner. Sally is such a good photogenic dog. Linus on the other hand...

Not so good, not so photogenic. Check his ruff, he's been using the corner rounding punch and the bit stuck on him.

No humility in this dog. But do check his foot, touching the door and his bone, that's a good guard dog.
Sally's incognito. No one will notice her being stealthy under the table. It's out of the way and yet she can still see all.

I gave Ali Edwards' 'photo a day' thing some thought. And I'm game, but I think I'm more a 'take a bunch of photos every other day' person. Although I have been a pretty good 'blog everyday' person. Something to think about. I'd have to find something other than the dogs to take pictures off. Dust, that would work. Maybe even dog hair. Or clutter.

I'm not being productive today, just taking some pics and doing a bit of tidying up in my room. I think the licorice cats did me in. I don't care for live cats, why should licorice ones be any nicer?

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