Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm wasting a morning playing with some Photoshop actions. I love this one, I could "70's" all my photos. Just to be fair, because that's how we roll at our house, everyone got a 70's make-over. Back in the 70's...

She's thinking of a brighter day, when a Japanese company will invent a hand held video game system and call it a DS. And she will spend half her waking hours on this miracle device, and the other half on something called the 'internet'.
He's thinking of a moment in the near future that doesn't include thinking that the swing broke his ribs.
She looks a little like Drew Barrymore.

He can't imagine a future where he isn't riding his bike.

He hopes they have balls, apples and mamas in the future. He loves those things!

She hopes that in the future there are no Linuses.


JoanneK said...

Kelli, your photos are absolutely fantastic!

RAE said...

Great photos! Poor Sally...having to put up with Linus. Kind of like Euker and Sandy. I bet Euker dreams of ways to make Sandy disappear LOL