Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's Wednesday! It's Glee day!
I've started watching Glee, it's ingenious. I love it. I love the singing and dancing! I can't sing, but I know most of the songs they use and I will sing them, much to my family's dismay, and I have most of them on my ipod, okay, not the Thong Song. And on Christmas I will have the soundtrack, I bought it from and told Kerry he can put it in my stocking. And I can't dance, and you can't really count the months of Latin American ballroom lessons we took after Emily was born, because Kerry has conveniently forgotten every single thing we were taught and ballroom dancing just isn't the same when only one person can remember only half of the steps. And I didn't love high school, maybe if we had Glee Club it would have been different.
So as you can see from the day's blog posts, I have been watching Glee clips on Not exactly productive, but it makes me feel good.
The actress that plays Sue Sylvester was on Conan last night, she's hilarious. She might be my favourite.
I've got a list today and on the top is Kerry's "We need 12-18 more red bulbs" so I guess it's a trip to Canadian Tire to get them. He loves his Christmas lights.


RAE said...

I looooove Glee! I look with distain at anyone who says they don't "get it" wth???? Its the best show on tv right now as far as I'm concerned! I am a wannabe singer and dancer and between Glee and SYTYCD....I'm enthralled.

Anonymous said...

I should probably watch that show because the commercials are hilarious! But Im not good at remembering what shows are on what days and what channels, so I just leave the tv off most of the time!

Anonymous said...

I tagged you with an award, check out my blog post!