Saturday, November 21, 2009


Not much happened this week.

Here are my highlights...
- did some scrapbooking for my dad
- got my hair cut and coloured
- made and ate cinamon buns
- am crazy busy with classes
- started Christmas shopping
- got new Soft Moc slippers
- have decided that there are only 2 things that I NEED/WANT in my arsenal, a fish eye lense, and a larger memory card, I'm a simple girl
- I'm not a simple girl, I'm a spoiled girl and I have everything else I would ever need and that's why I only need those 2 things
- ordered some stuff of Amazon, like the Glee soundtrack so that Kerry can put it in my stocking, just making sure I get what I want
- insured my camera and all my fixings, only to have my dad ask 'how much?', I made a face and then when I told him, he and Kerry discussed how a decent bike would be just over that amount. Why does it always come back to bikes? Who knows, who cares, it took their minds off the amount. The nice thing is that I didn't pay that much, the bulk of it being purchased used from a photographer that is switching to Nikon from Canon. Sad but true.
- having lunch with MR today, then a scrapbooking class and then fight night

So there it is, nothing too exciting.
Here's my picture of the day for you!
"I've already sat here for 4 pictures, just hurry up and take one more."

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