Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh My!

Shaun picked up the new Ravin' Rabbids Go Home game. His Rabbid only wearing a Speedo so he decided to give him pants. And I said he's got no tail so he tried to give him a tail with spray paint. He also got to alter the Rabbid's head with special head shaping tools, you can see him inflating the eye of the poor Rabbid. The very funny part is that he's laughing while he does this. Warped kid!
Someone is going to be so excited when she gets home. This is her payment from her first drawing job. The envelope may also hold my payment from my first paid photo shoot.

Oh and because I am totally freaked out about this, I think I should share it with you...44 sleeps till Christmas! If you break that down into pay days, you will probably realize as I did, there aren't enough of them before the big day! Where did the year go?


Anonymous said...

We borrowed that game from our friends last night, it is so funny! I didnt know you could alter them, but Trevors is wearing blue shorts instead of a speedo!

Veronica said...

congrats on the new career for you and Emily! and yes....there are not enough paydays until christmas!!!