Tuesday, November 03, 2009


You know your kids are growing up when they don't care to go with you to the pumpkin patch. Maybe it was the fact that I said I wanted to take pictures of them at the pumpkin patch. I took my mom instead. She said 'no pictures' too. Party poopers.
So we wanted a few bigger pumpkins but when you leave the pumpkin picking to two days before Halloween, you don't get to choose. And the big ones started rotting faster too, so it was a stinky mushy mess at the patch.Emily carved a Pikachu after having a minor tantrum, yes, 13 yr. olds do that too, and then she got up and acted like it had never happened and started carving her pumpkins. Shaun didn't get to carve with us, he had made other plans but he didn't seem too happy about missing our fun and games. Emily's other pumpkin took the simple road. Kerry's is just plain strange. I never want to know what is going on in that guy's head.

See, another weird one by Kerry.

This is mine. It's Jack Skellington. He's so cute. He's happy, not freaky. I love him. Kerry threw him in the garden. I'm not impressed.
I think my few days of hunching over the sewing machine messed up my back and now my neck is out. I am off to the chiropractor, but I'm walking there, I don't think I can safely do shoulder checks right now.


RAE said...

I love all the pumpkin carvings! Your's is pretty cute. The one you said K did has no mouth...I wonder what that means???Is he afraid to speak? His voice is not heard? A facial malformation? LOL
I haven't carved a pumpkin in yrs...I'd hate to see what mine would look like LOL

Anonymous said...

We think it is pretty funny that Kerrys pumpkin has eyelashes!! David said "Silly Canadians, even their dogs are crazy! And I mean that in the nicest way possible." I do crack up pretty much every time I read your blog!

Shannon Wyman said...

omg, those pumpkins are fantastic!

Hope your neck is feeling better!