Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend happenings

We went to my first hockey game on Saturday night with Jeanette and Cal. We had a very yummy dinner and sat at the rails and watched a very uneventful game. But we had a good time! Thank you, J and C!
I went to a craft sale with Terrell, and then on to Michaels and hold your hats, I didn't buy anything. I didn't find anything I wanted or needed. And no, I'm not sick.
We had dinner at my parents last night and got all caught up with the F family from Thursday's shoot.
We've, and I use that term lightly, gotten a bunch of Christmas shopping under our belts.
My can-dented foot is causing me pain. I wish I didn't have to work today, I'd like to sit around, get caught up on Y&R and put my foot up.
I mailed my Christmas cards on Thursday, some people got them on Friday, I mailed them TOO early, what was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Im going to mail cards out on Saturday. They should be all written out by then! So far inserts are ready and envelopes are addressed, oh, and stamps are purchased! I got them when we mailed your package so I wouldnt forget! Hope your foot feels better soon! Put a bag of frozen corn on it. Or an icepack!

RAE said...

I'm hoping to get mine out after this wkend. I have to get the xmas stuff out this wkend and start putting it up. Tis the season!

Veronica said...

I just realized that we really don't have anything in common!!! Your first hockey game? OH MY!!!! No wonder you have all this time for scrapbooking!!!! I have been spending all my extra time in hockey rinks freezing my B*tt off!!!!!!!!!

Shannon Wyman said...

I mailed out my cards too! The thing is for me though, it's either early or not at all, lol.