Sunday, November 22, 2009

A good reason

Last night was UFC 106. What's that to you? Probably not much. And a year or so ago, it wasn't anything to me either. My dad has a group of friends that get together at his place to watch Ultimate Fighting. Kerry is a regular, unless Brock Lesner is fighting, then Kerry doesn't really care to go, or so he says. Anyway, I don't like blood, so I didn't care to join in. But then my friend Misty-Rae and her husband Dave were regulars too, and I was hearing all about how much fun it was. So I went to my first fight, it was between George St. Pierre and some other lowly fighter. I liked it! And George, GSP, was something else. He's smooth, he's calculating, he's fast, he's yummy, he's Canadian.

It's always a full house at dad's, about a dozen or more. You have to get there early to get the good seats. Mom hides out in her sewing room or goes to Grandpa's. When I first started going, there were never any snacks. I like snacks. We did a pot luck once and it was awesome and ever since then, there's been snacks, nothing fancy, bags of chips, pretzels, Doritos. And it's mostly guys, only 3 girls, but I think us 3 girls know more about fighting then half the boys. Any of us girls could take on most of the guys.

I learned a few things last night, like...

1. GSP will be trying out for the Olympic wrestling team. If he makes it, he will be the only reason I watch 2012 Olympics. They interfere with regularly scheduled television programs.
2. Lightweight guys are scrappy, I want to be scrappy and lightweight.
3. Crazy Eyes, if a fighter has them, he'll probably win.
4. You should never ever poke a guy in they eye or pretend to get poked in the eye, the cameras tell the truth and Crazy Eyes probably poked himself in the eye.
5. UFC fighters have no idea what a good hair style is, when it doubt, shave it off! Take GSP for example. Ladies like him, this guy for instance, Josh Koscheck, sure he won, but he's got crazy hair and crazy eyes.
Or this guy, Dan Hardy. He's scheduled to fight George St. Pierre for the title. Icky hair, even ickier tattoo.6. Jumping on Kerry's back and trying to put him into a triangle hold with my arms while squeezing the life out of him with my legs and yelling "I'm scrappy!" at the same time will excite the dogs to no end and it will take a few minutes to get everyone calmed down and I may have peed myself from laughing so hard.

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