Monday, November 23, 2009

Longer weekends, please.

I think that I might have to start taking Monday and Tuesday off. This time of year gets so busy with classes, I'm not complaining, but by the time Monday rolls around I'm tired already.
I had my Christmas Cocoa Card Tote class and it went great. I love this littel tote with it's cute cards. Good thing I made two.

Next Sunday is the Christmas Jingle Trifold album class. It's easier than it looks and makes a great gift. It's also easy to duplicate so you can make more. I will be making a few of them. I'm offering a choice of Christmas or Baby theme. I can't decide if I want to even start a Daily December album. The idea is that you make your album out of pretty much anything, it's very eclectic. I have so much stuff that it really shouldn't cost me anything because I could pull stuff out of my stash. And then you are supposed to photograph and journal your month of December. This is from This is Ali Edwards' album. I love the hodge podge feel of the albums, I love the documenting. I don't know if I will love the work. I can take pictures every day, I know I can do that, but of what? 30 days of Linus and Sally will get pretty boring. Maybe I should make mine a Weekly December album or Every Other Day in December.

I also want to make an advent calendar. So many things, so little time! By the way, where did the year go?


Lisa Howard said...

Gorgeous cards and trifold 'em! And I hear ya on the December Daily album. I really want to do it but can't seem to find the time. Maybe next year.

RAE said...

You've been busy! They look just all your projects do!

Anonymous said...

I cant even get my to do list done, let alone make a december daily!