Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had a bad morning, so bad that Kerry left me laying on the couch with the threat of taking me to emerg. or the walk in clinic. Both of which I detest. He called from work 2 times to tell me he was taking me to the dr. but I went back to sleep and when he came home I was shocked that I had slept for hours. After an excruciatingly hot wait at the dr. Kerry goes into the little room that was hotter than a sauna with me. The dr. asks what my symptoms are, when they started and what I ate Friday. Bean salad, Kerry says. (He dislikes bean salad, so any chance to blame the salad he gets, he uses.) And of course I forgot I had eaten it. The dr. says "ah, botulism", kind of snickers, and I start to cry. Not because I might have botulism but because my beloved bean salad from Coscto would never do that to me. Both of them are getting a kick out of me and my mumbling "not my bean salad". The dr. says "it's not your beans, but did you read Larry's Party? " and both of us had, and then they start discussing the whole canned bean thing and I'm thinking I'm dying. But she said I would have been dead already if it was botulism. Sigh of relief. I can eat the rest of my salad, just not anytime soon.
After she looked at my throat, and said"whoa", (I really need a shirt with this explanation because anyone that looks in my mouth says the same thing), "I have an abnormally large tonsil", to which she replied, yes, but it's also covered with little lesions.
Add that to my kind of phlegmy cough, rumbly tummy, more "runs", nausea, fever, stomach pain, and tiredness and you get...something viral! That's it. Eat clear broths, drink clear fluids, feel better soon. Oh and take Peptol Dismal, which is another yummy med. I've never had. It's peppermint chalk.
She also felt my neck, and again declared that I have a full thyroid and I needed to go for testing right now. Then I reminded her that I went in February and it was fine. So I didn't have to give up any blood today. Which is great because I know I would have fainted.
And just a side note...People in the waiting rooms of dr.'s offices are ill, so if you are in the only bathroom on your freakin' cell phone, shit or get off the pot!!! Because that woman rattling the door knob really has to go.

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Dawn said...

yuck, Kelli... sorry to hear that you're still so sick. I guess no reunion for you? too bad... but what can you do. Feel better soon!

p.s. I also have extra large tonsils... all the cool kids do.