Sunday, July 29, 2007


Anger makes me do things, not bad things, silly things that should be done but Regular Kelli procrastinates. So Angry Kelli cleans the inside of the washing machine, with bleach and stainless steel Norwex scrubber.

After being gone for 4 hours, Kerry brought home a doped up Shaun. He could hardly walk, but managed to tell us that he needed to get changed and then went to his room. When Kerry checked on him 2 minutes later, he was dead asleep, still dressed in his uniform.

Kerry's description of the whole incident made me glad that I didn't go. Apparently Shaun sliced the side of the tip of his finger off. The x-rays were to make sure he didn't hit bone, but quite possibly according to Kerry, bone was showing. And the sliced off finger meat wasn't fully off, and was hanging in a 'bunch'. Kerry had to leave the room so he's unsure of how many, if any stitches were done. That's the price I pay for not going, we also don't know if tetanus or any other immunizations were done. Dads unfortunately only care about the basics. Not complaining, just stating a fact.
Shaun won't be working for a bit, and may have to see a hand specialist.

On the hole rippage...when I called the supervisor back to update her, after an hour, she still hadn't talked to the manager, which I found disheartening, which is just a nice way of saying "piss me off". Although she did say she would have a talk with all the 'kids' and the policy will now be to call parents when an employee is hurt, especially the underage ones. DUH! And then Kerry came home and said he wasn't overly impressed with Arby's or the hospital because they never thought to call us either and they figured they could give him Adavan and 'convince' him to get the needle. And they figured Kerry would be able to convince him once he got there. They didn't realize how bad his phobia was even though Shaun tried explaining it to them. So not that I want my son to be out a job, or for Arby's to lose money, don't eat there until I know for sure they have cleaned the meat slicer. Seriously, don't. If the kid is too stunned to call when someone is hurt, do you think the machine was properly cleaned or for that matter, do you think any WCB forms got filled out? All because they wanted their tomatoes sliced faster so they told him to use the meat slicer.

Thanks for everyone's concern.


Audrey said...

Holy Crap! Glad to hear Shawn is okay and I almost feel sorry for that kid manager... LOL NOT!!!!

Tara said...

I hope Shaun is doing OK...