Sunday, July 29, 2007

Funny stuff and slimming down the house

Mary had this on her blog, makes me want to get married again, just so we can have that better first dance, you know the one were the dj actually plays the right song.

And this site always makes me laugh...

This new-fangled cable contraption has it's benefits, I watched Lady in the Water last night, I like M. Night Shyamalan, he's warped. Although it was hard to stay awake because we had just come from the Harry Potter movie. It was great, the special effects were good, although as always, some stuff from the book was left out and I know it would be a 4 hour movie if they put it all in. And even though you don't have to read the books to get the movie, it sure makes it better, there are so many things you 'get' because you have read the book. Anyway, the movie was good, makes up for the fact I totally missed the boat and didn't get to see Pirates of the Caribbeanat World's End in the theatre. I've known this from past experiences, but holy smokes, for Kerry, Shaun and I to go to the movie and have goodies cost $60 and later this week, I have to take Emily and my mom to see Hairspray.

And because 'they' say people like blogs better when they have pictures, here's one for you.

Why pickles? It's in honour of the pickles I am not doing this year. I realized, after someone got me hooked on the sliced dills from Costco, that I don't love my pickles, Emily does, but for all the work involved, it's not really worth it, sorry kid. And there's a saying I'm thinking of a lot lately... "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. -William Morris. I saw it years ago on a design show and it has always stuck with me even if I haven't always lived it. So, pickles, you are no longer useful, nor that beautiful to me anymore, so long. And that is how we have managed to start declutter. Useful, nope, beautiful, nope, outta here, yup!

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