Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Start to Summer Vacation

Of course, no summer would be complete without out Bronchial Pneumonia. Funny thing is this time last year, it was Yolanda that had pneumonia and sat in the shade at the edge of the pool while her daughter put the 'poo' in pool. This year, it's Shaun's turn. It started as a cold and then over the weekend became a phlegm fest. And to add insult to injury, Emily woke up yesterday and said the famous words..."My stomach hurts" and then puked. So I ran out the door to work. Add this to Kerry's broken rib and you have the makings of a great summer! (sidenote...Kerry went to Silver Star, crashed the bike, wrecked a few parts, his and the bike's, and (this is the best part) when he crashed he bent over farther than he was meant to and 'cracked' a rib, which we now think he probably broke the other day when he bent over to leash up the dog and he felt a pop in his side. And like any man, he won't go to the dr. but will complain freely about it.)
Everyone, and I mean everyone, had better get their acts together before our trip.
Just incase they don't smarten up, I'll send thirsty Linus after them.

Linus invading Sally's personal swimming space at Mission Creek. He has officially swam, or I guess it would be floated, down river a few feet. He was following me into deeper water and started to drift away in the current and the look on his face was hilarious. We wonder if the lack of tail will have an effect on his ability to swim in a straight line.


Fern said...

So when do you leave anyway? and will you have to go alone & leave the sickies at home?? hmmm

Kelli said...

We aren't sure if we are going on the Friday or earlier, so around the 20th and one sicky stays home to be dogsitter. There's no way I'm going alone, it's Kerry's side of the family's reunion.

Dawn said...

that's too much medical activity at your house.
don't you go getting or breaking something too!