Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quick Thinker

Last night, Kerry suggest Panago for dinner. I shoot him down before he can get that "hmmmm...yummy pizza" look on his face. Why? Because we took my parents to Taki's for mom's birthday last week, it was good, pretty much the same as Ozeki's. Only where as O. is old and in need of a make-over, T. was put together on a $1000 budget. But the food was good and so was the service and most importantly, the bathroom was spotless. Oprah says never eat at a restaurant with a dirty bathroom and so far, she's been right everytime.
Anyway, back to the pizza conversation. In a very slow manner, we are trying to save for Disneyland. And the clincher, my birthday is coming. Most years, okay, every year, I pick out my own present, usually buy it myself too. This saves a lot of grief, mine really. I get what I want, no disappointments. Flashback to Valentine's day...Bernard Callebaut truffles, $30 box of 10. NOT WHAT I WANTED, what Kerry wanted. And I'm watching what I eat, and I don't love truffles or spending $30 on them. I know it's the thought that counts but I was pretty ticked off.
Oh, where was I?
That's right, the pizza, I said no, and then I said the words that made Kerry look like I told him I was pregnant..."My birthday is coming!" To which he slowly nodded, (here's the quick thinking) and said "that's right, what am I getting you?" I could tell he had totally forgotten, and why not? I usually tell him months in advance that I have already gotten my present. But not this year, and mostly because I don't want for anything. How weird is that?
There are no new scrapbooking gadgets I want, got the printer, the camera, the tripod, the scanner, the monitor, the Bind-it-All, mp3 player, and most of my SU wishlist done already. Oh, and I got the puppy...geez, I hope that doesn't count for my birthday gift, I want a refund if it does.
So I need help, I need to pick something fast so that when Kerry gets home from work I can tell him what I want.

On a different note, this falls under the best day ever in my books. (yes, I need a life)
I get better cable on my little scrapping room tv. And...I got mis-priced steaks at Coopers. Emily declared too much chicken was being offered for meals. So on the way home from work I stopped at Coopers. I didn't have any time to marinate so I planned on paying a bit extra for 'good' grilling steaks. And boy did I get a deal. One pack of 3 steaks, at $17 a kg. was not weighed properly. It should have been about 1 kg. but was marked as .3 kg. I got it for $6. I didn't point it out to anyone either, so there's a bit of guilt, but nothing that can't be smoothered with left-overs for lunch. I added some yellow potatoes done on the bbq, sliced w/onion, a blob of butter and wrapped in foil. And fresh, Auntie-grown cukes. Shaun thought he had died and gone to heaven and not just because I cut his steak up for him.

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