Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't ya love it when things work out!?!
We tore out the old cupboard/counter thing in the laundry room and got a beautiful chrome shelf from Costco, which was under budget. Then we found the perfect dog food bins in the Ikea catalogue, but didn't go to Vancouver, so we needed to drive 3-4 hours around town to find similar ones. And of course after thinking we would just wait until we go to Van., we stopped at Home Outfitters and didn't see any there either, until we were leaving the storage section and lo and behold, the angels were singing and there they were, and we looked everywhere (Walmart, Can. Tire, Jysk, Sup. Store, Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware, everywhere). The aren't the frosty white of Ikea's but at least they aren't green or blue, they're grey and black. I can live with that. The main reason we have to use bins with lids is, of course, the main reason we wake up early, we go for walks, we pick up our toys and socks, we have holes in our bras, LINUS! He has been known on a few occasions to stuff his fat head in the bag of food, both his and Sally's and park himself there until someone pulls him out, which you need major upper body strength to do now.
And the best part of my long winded story and search is that the bins were "buy one get one half off"!!!
I'm off to label the bins.

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