Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beware the Mojo Stealer

I hadn't been getting much done lately. Someone asked for 20 masculine cards. I don't have masculine stamp sets so I was struggling. But then Tara stopped by out of the blue, with me in my pj's and I must have sucked out of her what little mojo she had left. So sorry, serves her right for not calling first. I got a bunch of cards made today, slowly but surely. Not all masculine, not all with SU stuff.

Linus got upgraded to a larger crate tonight. I think we can fit both kids in it. Which will be great for flying to Disneyland, much cheaper! I told Kerry that if it wasn't for me having him wrapped around my little finger and begging for Linus, and all his trappings we'd be putting on a closet door instead of trying to fit a supersized crate in our closet. Small bedroom, big dog.

My dad came bearing treats today, Reese's PB cups and Peanut M&M's(yuck). I ate one cup and gave the rest to Kerry. It's common knowledge at our house that Kerry will end up with chocolate on his bum. So when I found some PB cup on the floor, I wiped it with my finger before wiping the floor with the cloth. Said the famous last words "What's this on the floor?" and then sniffed (thank god I didn't lick) because low and behold the puppy that had just squeak farted on the linoleum had also left a little surprise! I don't think my finger has ever been scrubbed cleaner. Here's a question for you dog owners...Is it a boy dog thing or a Retriever thing? Linus is the gassiest dog I have ever seen(smelled). Front door and back door.
And because Dad loves the dogs and they come to the door when he visits whereas the kids don't, he also brought them apples. I buy them the uglies from the packing house, or the marked down ones from the market, but Grandpa buys the good, $1.49 a pound ones for the dogs. He brings icky peanut M&M's for me but beautiful Fujis for the dogs.


Dawn said...

OOOhhhh, that was a close one with the PB... and YOU were trying to convince ME to get a puppy?????

how many times did you smell your finger just to make sure you got alllllllll of it off?

that's a very funny story!

Tara said...

Sure, THANKS for sucking the TINY little bit of what might have someday become my mojo out! LOL. Nothing here. Not yet. I did, however get some of my stuff... not all of it, but some. I'm working late this week, so it's hard to find time to play! Thanks for letting me come hug Linus.

Kelli said...

I scrubbed and scrubbed my finger and did not smell it again. Even thinking about it now makes my eyes roll back into my head and not because it was so delicious. If I could have, I would have cut my finger off. And here I was worried that my crocs would get poop on them in the yard!

Tara said...

Hmm... perhaps that's a mojo stealer's karma? Something to think about, no?

Fern said...

ROFL that is just too funny, you are just darned lucky you smelled it first... I think Tara's right, it's a karma thing. BTW I think you have everybody's mojo, not just hers!

Cheryl said...

HAAA!!!! OMG that is HYSTERICAL! Thank goodness you did the sniff test, not the taste test.

Great cards!