Wednesday, July 25, 2007

97% Better

I still have a nasty 'smoker's' cough and after a meal my stomach protests but I feeling human again.
I discovered that everyone is handles illness in different ways...
I always complain about how much I dislike being sick and that I am probably dying.
I cry easy under normal circumstances, but while I was sick, I had a little breakdown, which was not totally uncalled for. Before I got sick, Shaun helped me mix up a batch of Monster Cookies, they are travelling musts and because we had plans on travelling, we needed the cookies. Because I got sick, Kerry had to back them for me Saturday. He gave me one, put it on the end table as I drifted in and out. They are made mostly of peanut butter, which is what the dogs get in their kongs, so of course, Linus takes one whiff and next thing I know Kerry has him in a choke hold and is yelling at him to "DROP IT", but Linus is no dummy, he's trying so hard to inhale the cookie, which I forgot to mention is large, they are dropped from an icecream scoop(approx.3-4" diameter). I think Kerry managed to get some small pieces from the jaws of life, and that's when I started crying like a baby because the dog ate my cookie.
Kerry, on the other hand, swears like a sailor when he's sick. The first night he had a fever and wrapped himself up like a mummy only to wake up hours later dropping the f-bomb all over and sweating like crazy. He gets very frustrated (swears about it) when he's sick and more so when he takes 3 days holiday time and then is too sick to move. He's also been pouting because it's been weeks since he has been able to go riding, first it was his rib, then the heat, and now because he's sick. We're talking pouting like a 2 year old. He's at work today and his co-worker said he's extremely peaked and pale looking, but they won't send him home and he won't come home. But he'll complain later. I hope he's not reading this.
Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I've been purging things, dusty knick-knacks, laundry room cupboards(not the stuff in the cupboard, but the actual cupboard), things we haven't used in months/years, kids' closet stuff that hasn't been touched in years, an antique wooden folding table off the deck, just to mention a few things. 5-6 boxes have already gone to the Hospital Auxilary Thrift store, a load of garbage is gone and a load of yard waste. So being sick hasn't been entirely fruitless. You would think nothing would be left, you would be wrong.

In other news, my grape tomato plant is huge, and is producing lots of tomatoes. Too bad I have leave the fenced back yard when no dogs are around just so I can pick them. Linus discovered that tomatoes are better than green Italian prunes, but not as good as cherries, but they are easier to pick. So my planter had to be moved to the outside of the fence so that he can't pick all the toms off. He picks them all, green or red, but only eats the red. He doesn't realize that the green will turn red if left on the plant.


Fern said...

For some odd reason I was sure I saw the word 'diarrhea' in that last paragraph about cherries & tomatoes ... am I psychic or just hallucinating?

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