Friday, July 06, 2007

Jeez, not much worth sharing has happened lately.
Shaun has a cold with a cough, of course, and has missed a week of work.
Emily and I went to the beach with Janey and Eli today and surprisingly, I had a good time. I dislike the beach, the sand, the goose poop, and the lake weeds. And the skinny beaches in their bikinis don't help either. Saw a young oblivious mom with 4 too many kids, all under about 5, we breathed a sigh of relief when she packed up and left, with all 4 kids despite the fact we watched her kids more than she did and at a few times she almost lost a couple.

We picked all the cherries in one day, only about 14 buckets compared to the almost 70 (if memory serves me right) from last year. It was too cold for bees when the blossoms were out. I think in the last 2 days I have tried to eat 2 buckets worth.

Spent yesterday hanging around the pool while Emily and Eli swam all afternoon. I am loving the bigger, deeper pool. Kerry and I went in after dinner, very refreshing. Emily went to see the Transformer's movie, it gave her nightmares, it was a bit scary, the robots are pointy she said. Apparently there is also a trailer for the Body Snatchers before the movie, which is not appropriate for children.

I've placed my first SU order from the new catalogue. I can't wait to get the stuff so I can play with it. I ordered a mixture of paper, SS kits, and stamps, and ribbon, lots of ribbon for my club order.

I took the kids downtown, had rum raisin ice cream at Moolicks and it was delicious, so was the pralines and cream, but rum raisin is my new favourite. We went to Opus, and the library, but Fern must have been having lunch because we didn't run into her. I picked up a few books to read at the pool and have finished one already, good old John Saul and his freaky stories. I also got the Birth House and a trusty Danielle Steele.

We plan on taking the pups to the lake. I'm not sure where, obviously it has to be dog friendly but not too busy. If you know of a good place, let me know. Linus hasn't really been in yet and it's time for him to learn to swim.


Fern said...

I was probably at the dentist when you were in (dentist yesterday, mammogram today - pretty nice week eh?)

Isn't the nude beach the only dog beach as well?? Or are they separate, I'm never too sure. The end of Lakeshore anyway...

Kelli said...

I just read in the paper that the nudies don't always stay at their end of the beach so I would rather not go to Cedar Creek, being the prude that I am. Although I guess I could go nude and walk the dogs.