Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Black Mold

Picture this...k
Me all sleepy and still sick. My tongue tasted like metal this morning, so off to a mirror to check it out.
HOLY CRAP!!! I have black mold on my tongue!!! No wonder I'm sick.
Whip open the door with my tongue hanging out and ask Shaun "What colour is my tongue?" "Black, what did you eat?"
Well, duh, I've been eating broth and clear liquids since yesterday, nothing black. But maybe this is what happens when you defy the dr. and eat a monster cookie after a day of clear fluids.
I figure another trip to the dr. for me. Poor Kerry.
Then the phone rings and it's Yolanda checking up on me and I tell her about how I have to go back to the dr. because I have a black moldy tongue and she says "Are you taking Pepto Bismol? That always gives me a black tongue."
Huge sigh of relief. After brushing my tongue, and burning the rest off with Listerine, my tongue is now the pink it should be.
Last night I was few feet from Kerry and I asked him if he heard that and he thought it was the dogs growling, but it was really my tummy!

Today, I figured I have advanced on to soft, white foods. So I'm thinking MMMmmmMMMM Lightly salted scrambled eggs, maybe on some yummy dry white toast. Invalid food, food in which you don't need teeth to eat. Which would be great and delicious if I didn't have a reaction to eating eggs. I've known for about 20 years that I can't eat eggs on their own, not scrambled, devilled or smoothered in cheese, even though I crave them and like them. But today, and I'll blame it on being sick, I decided I could and should eat 1 egg and 2 whites(I'm convinced it's the yolk that makes me ill), 2-4 bites into it, I thought I was going to puke. So I put it down, waited for it to pass and then ate the rest, some of which I had to gag down. Don't tell Kerry, he just doesn't get it. And I had apple juice yesterday, that I told him about, but I did water it down. If you want to see an exciting breakfast, serve me apple juice and an omelet for breakfast.

It's Shaun's first day back at work after pnuemonia. He'll probably be in a good mood tonight!
Still now CK magazine. I won't be renewing that subscription, not when I can buy it at Coopers weeks before my copy ever sees the inside of my mailbox.

We are giving our 'baby' pool to Bill, for his grandkids. T., R. and Z. are coming to visit soon so it will be nice for them to use while they are here for 2 whole weeks. Not HERE but in town.
Emily wants to go and see Hairspray. It was Mom's birthday, yesterday, and I think I will see if she wants to go with us, (when I'm better).


Cheryl said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

(you know that I'm going to have to take Pepto tonight before bed to see if my tongue turns black now, right?)

Marina G said...

No CK at my house either.

Fern said...

Oh poor Kelli I do hope you are better soon.. and yes that Pepto Abyssmal is nasty stuff. Your tongue's not the only thing that turns black!

Tara said...

No CK here either, and LOL about the black thing... Fern, you ARE RIGHT!!! Other things turn black too!! Just wait and see!!!

I'm glad you're on the mend!

Kelli said...

Yes, I realized quite quickly that other things turn black and then when I read the med. book about calling the dr. if it turns black, I had a moment of panic but I figure it's just the Pepto Dismal.