Sunday, July 29, 2007

A lesson learned, hopefully


That's right, I'm talking to you, Mike, manager of Arby's. I hope you learned a very valuable lesson today.
I hope you learned that an employee's health and well-being are more important than lunch rush hour. I hope you realize that the kid that was working so hard to get you more recommendations is more important than the sandwich he was making.
I freakin' hope you realize that that hour and half you waited to phone that kid's parents to tell them he took an ambulance to the hospital could have serious repercussions because that's an hour and a half wasted. Time the doctors could have been doing something else, like trying to figure out what kind of drugs to give that kid that was slicing your precious beef, or how to treat giving him stitches despite his severe needle phobia. Or that he was getting treatment by a doctor to help get past the phobia or that his parents would be there but you, Mike, felt that 30 seconds was too much to waste on a phone call when roast beef sandwiches must be made.
Am I angry? Damn right. Can I do anything about it? Did it, I called your supervisor and I was so angry with you I was shaking, and she didn't sound too happy with you either. I hope she rips you a new hole. I know you're just a kid, but come on, when an employee cuts himself so badly that you need to call an ambulance, the next thing you do is take a freakin' breath and call that kid's parents.
Was I rude to you over the phone when I called back to get the supervisor's home phone number? Damn straight, I'm not sorry. When you apologized again about how busy you were and how you couldn't call sooner and I said "that doesn't cut it"and hung up on you, I hope you cried! I hope you go home and complain to your parents about the bitchy mom of your co-worker and if they are worth being here on earth they will say "stupid kid, we taught you better than that, a sandwich isn't worth another kid's finger! Customers will understand!"
I'm done.

I'm slowly calming down.
I'm glad I didn't go to work today like planned. Or the whole situation would be worse.
Kerry is at the hospital right now while I wait for news. Of course, I got on the phone to emerg. right away and was told that Shaun has had 2 mil. of Adavan, which before the dr. could say anything else, I said "that won't work". He said he noticed, and that Shaun is having an anxiety attack. Shaun needs stitches and an x-ray, to which Kerry said "crap, that's not good, it must be bad". I told the dr. to gas him or something like that, they can't. They need to give him an IV and a tetanus shot because he hasn't had one in years and when you slice yourself on a metal meat slicer that's the first thing they want to do to you.
I know what you're thinking, just hold him down and stick him with the needle already. Been there, he has a full-blown needle phobia, anxiety attacks, the works.
The last thing I said to Kerry was "if they need your permission to restrain him to give him stitches, then do it. This is the exact situation we feared.
I panicked and called his Dr. Therapist. The one treating him since last year for his phobia, the one that said he thought Shaun should be ready for his immunizations. The one that is calling the hospital right now to check on my son and has offered to go in on a Sunday to see if he can help. I also panicked and called my dad, who is a worrier, not the smartest thing but he did give me props on the Arby's manager's new hole rippage.
Emily, being the pro at getting stitches, said that the hospital should do for Shaun what they did for her, sweet kid, they gave her a popsicle of alcohol. At least that's how she remembers it. Maybe she's right, I wasn't there, but I think the popsicle was to make her lip feel better.

Now if only someone would call and give me an update. Ring, damn phone, ring!!!

UPDATE: in the last 2 minutes the phone has rang twice, and yes mr. solicitor, I am telling the truth when I say I am waiting for a call from the hospital.
The second call has me breathing better. Dr. Therapist called emerg. and talked to Kerry and apparently they can gas a person into submission, I mean really, I've seen it done on tv. And they are proceeding with trying to stitch something. I want the details!


Fern said...

Holy shit Kelli I hope everything went OK and that stitches & shots were successfully done without too much horror.

and I will continue to not eat at Arby's...

Monica said...

OMG! That's unbelievable! Keep us posted on the outcome! I just got done ranting on my blog about stupid people and then come over here and read this. Just take some deep breaths. I'm predicting that phone will ring and the news will be good. He'll come through it and be stronger as a result. Sorry your having to go through this right now, though. I totally don't blame you for being so angry. Stupid kid!

On a side note, I love your a regular reader. I'm also the mom of a crazy golden, so I love reading about Linus' antics!

Like I said, keep us posted on Shaun, okay?

Heather said...

OMG! Kelli, I hope it all went well. You have every right to be in the state you are. I would be even worse and I guarantee I would have been balistic with those involved.

I am sure tomorrow will be a challenge too. I hope he is OK! I hope you are OK! I am here if you need me.