Friday, July 20, 2007

Cancelled trip.

I'm still sick, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not well enough to drive for 20 minutes, let alone 4 hours. So no reunion for us.
The very sad thing is now Kerry has an extra long weekend. He took Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. What the heck am I going to do with him now? And he was thinking he was getting a cold before working all day in the rain, and now he seems to have a head cold. When he thinks he might be getting sick, he thinks himself into it. Men.

As soon as I am 100% better, I am disinfecting the house, kids, stamps, and dogs.

After a week of sitting on the couch I have discovered...

1. Channel 52 (kcts) has some great shows. We have been followers of Planet Earth before Oprah or Ellen ranted about it and I have watched it quite a bit this week. Along with America's Test Kitchen, which is the site where I just printed a recipe for grilled pizzas off of. (we made an executive decision to get dig. cable, really I think the fact that I watch 2-3 hours of kiddie shows in the am. before the kids wake up, is reason enough to get better channels, I'm getting tired of Curious George, the Backyardigans, Clifford, Arthur, but not Jane and the Dragon)

2. Diarhea for a week does not make one lose weight, at least I don't feel any thinner.

3. When you are down and out, fate kicks you. It probably was PMS at the beginning of the week.

4. It's not a good idea, but kids can live on McCain's Mini Pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they can microwave things themselves, despite what they tell you when you are well.

5. Teen-aged boys do love their moms. Mine made me a smoothy, served me, took my dishes away, told me every day that I was getting pneumonia, and looked after the dogs. Tween-aged girls on the other hand will not voluntarily bathe, get dressed or eat when their mother's are ill.

6. Grumpy, tired, and wet hubbies can guilt themselves into bringing sick wives Pedialite. When mine called from work, I mentioned needing some and he said "I don't feel like it", he then called back on his own to say "Where, what flavour, and I'll get it on my way home".

7. Pedialite saved my life. It tastes like salty Kool-Aid, but it works like charm. Barb told me to drink it, that it worked better than a sports drink and she's so smart. I was definitely dehydrated, I had all the symptoms, despite Terrell telling me I was the day before. Within an hour of drinking it, I perked up.

8. I've kicked coffee. Although I did have one last evening and just realized this may be the real reason I was up till after 1 am. It has been more than 5 days since my last one. Since I only drink one a day, it will only take one day to start up again. We'll see.

9. Despite Barb and the Dr. saying that it wasn't the bean salad, Kerry putting the blame on it makes me leary of eating it again. This makes my heart sad.

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