Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I think I might be in the running for the 3rd longest run-on sentence ever posted on a blog somewhere in this very rambling post.

My day has been pretty low-keyed. I made a dr. appt. to see about getting some allergy testing. I had a Tim Horton's English Toffee coffee and breakfast sandwich, and I remembered the big order from Kerry's co-workers...and used Timmy's lingo to order...large double double please! I'm not going to calligraphy because no one needs to get my germs, because, yes, I'm still sick. I'm dying, that's what I think, a slow and painful death in which I get every single illness blowing in the wind. That's melodramatic. My plan was to come home and go back to bed, but I've never been one to do that, so I thought maybe a morning of laying on the couch, but no, not that either. I had been thinking about my camera strap that I had gotten a few months back, and the really itchy ribbon on the inside of it. Think nerve rubbing and that's how it felt. I had dismantled the strap part way, only to make total mess of it. I had to start from scratch and made a whole new strap, using the original camera attaching parts. Armed with some of my huge stash of Amy Butler fabrics, batting, and my awesome sewing skillz, I now have a very pretty new camera strap, that I must point out, kind of coordinates with my purse!
Our ginormous Amazon.ca order came today, oh, correction, half our order came because the other half of the books the kids ordered aren't even printed yet, they will ship in November. Whatever! Anyway, I got this snazzy new book! The other one, which I have posted about before, but can't link to because I'm lame, is the hand's down best cookbook ever, the America's Test Kitchen Family cook book.(you can see the corner of one under this book) I had to buy a new red book to replace the one I bought for Shaun and have used and stained up thoroughly. I saw this one was available and treated myself and probably my waist line to a whole new world of baking possibilities.
Shaun and Jenn are making some kind of chicken, red curry, coconut, Thai dish for dinner. I don't actually know if I like red curry. I don't like yellow curry.


RAE said...

Your sewing skills amaze me...that camera strap is awesome! If I had more time, more skill, more attention span, I sure would love to be able to sew the goodies that you do! But I don't...so I just admire you!

btw...I survived physio yesterday, it was awesome!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I thought I was queen of run-on sentences, incomplete sentences...heck, just bad grammer in general! lol! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Loved visiting...I'll be back!

Shannon Wyman said...

Love that camera strap girl! You are so talented.. seriously.

Amy said...

I love your camera strap!! I can make one, I just probably wont! Even though I can sew I need to be seriously motivated to do it, then I dont stop for days! I figure its just as easy to pay someone $10 to make me a strap!!