Monday, March 23, 2009

Karma, she's a bitch.

Shaun was going on and on a few weeks ago about how he hadn't been sick in a long time and everyone around him had been sick. Well, guess who came home from work after 1.5 hours?
In his own words...what doesn't come out the top end, goes too far and comes out the bottom end. He's been puking since 5:30 am. The first Gravol didn't work, he puked it up and seemed pretty proud of the fact he could identify it. The second seems to have worked. He's giving me too much info, which in turn, I'm sharing here. He's so empty he doesn't even have bile left, or so he says and he says the upside of having both diarrhea and vomiting, his intestines have never been cleaner. I think he's delirious.

Kerry went mountain biking yesterday and because it's so wet and muddy, he came home with mud in his teeth or at least that was what he told me. Then he brushed his teeth and said "Hey, check it out, it's not mud! It's a bug!" Guess who isn't getting any kisses any time soon?
He needs a bug screen for his full faced helmet.


RAE said...

OH yuck LOL....only a guy would think that was cool :) So are you feeling back to normal now?

Lisa T. Howard said...

Whoa! I had the bug a week ago, but sounds like you guys have been hit much harder. Hope it ends very, very soon. Of course, I'm sure Shaun is wishing it way more than I am!

Just saw the previous post that I missed. LOVE the cards...great job!