Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Blahs...kind of an update to Monday

So yesterday this was not the normally happy-go-lucky blog, don't expect this post to be any better.
Seriously, I'm in my late 30's and have never had a problem with allergies other than hay fever. After my holiday excitement and discovering this late in the game that I am allergic to penicillin, I never thought I'd find more things that I was allergic to. I was wrong...do you hear that? I was wrong...

Yesterday, in my quest to eat better. Notice that's better and not healthier I had Greek House hummus and pitas for lunch, albeit late, like at 2 pm. Later I had what we call Vegetarian Dinner, a baked potato with sauteed mushrooms, Montreal steak spice and Parmesan cheese and a Caesar salad with Rene's dressing. No meat, that's the Vegetarian part. (It's really Lazy Kelli Didn't Want to Defrost Meat Dinner) So I have it narrowed down to the hummus or the dressing that gave me a bodyfull of hives. I bought the dressing the same time I bought and ate all the strawberries and thought them to be the culprits, but I ate salad that day too.
So I had hives, so I took the only allergy pills we have, Aerius, so it says 'non-drowsy' on the box, so I didn't sleep all night. That and the fear my tongue might swell up kept me up all night. So I'm not a happy camper right now.

And if the rest of the actors on Y&R aren't happy about Victor and Ashley's baby news, then maybe the writers should have thought of that before making that octogenarian a baby daddy again. Geez.

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RAE said...

You poor thing! You must just be feeling miserable! I hope today you feel better. I've only had a couple of nasty allergy reactions in my life but I remember they were pretty awful. Hugs and get well wishes to you today.